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  • Multi-state coverage. Constantly updated.
  • Database includes surface water, groundwater, wells and more.
  • Simple interface, Google Maps API.
  • Custom PDF reports and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Batch Export up to 100 records at a time.
  • Standardized data including USGS HUC8 Watershed boundaries, USGS Principle Aquifers and county data.
  • Out-stealth your competition. Close more deals!

Water data made simple - State by State!

Currently, WaterNinja is in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.
We are adding new states monthly, so if we don't yet cover the state that you are interested in,
please stay tuned... it's on its way!

Custom PDF reports or batch exports of up to 100 records at a time on Excel spreadsheets.

Who benefits from water market data?

Water market insight is essential for all professionals impacted by water. Here are just a few.

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Real Estate / Land and Ranch

Water sourcing is key to growth and development in your area. Whether you're purchasing water-front property or marketing a property with water rights attached, showcasing water is at the heart of today's real estate.

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Government / Environmental

The increasing demands placed on the global water supply threaten biodiversity and the supply of water for food production and other vital human needs. Get help with conservation, recycling, and improved water-use efficiency.

Latest from Our Blog

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has the dual consideration of needing water sources for its operations, as well as having an important role to play in protecting the quality of water in the areas where it operates.

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